Breastfeeding Support

Personal breastfeeding support is available to all interested women through Southern Seven Health Department's WIC - sponsored peer counselor program. 

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Peer Counseling Program

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WIC Breastfeeding Support Program
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Why should I breastfeed?

Breastfeeding provides the ideal nutrition for an infant. The protein, fat, mineral, vitamin, and calorie content is superior to any store-bought synthetic formula. In addition, studies have shown that breast-fed babies have better brain development than those fed by formula, partly because of the superior nutrition from the breast milk.

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Babies who are breastfed have fewer illnesses and hospitalizations than those who are bottle-fed. Many diseases children come in contact with during the first six months of life can’t be immunized against. However, breast milk has a natural quality that provides protection.

Many babies are allergic to common food products, such a cow’s milk and soy, as well as environmental allergens.

Breastfed babies have less constipation, less diarrhea, and fewer irritations of the stomach.

Through the close contact that breastfeeding provides, a mother is more “in tune” with her child and the process of parenting is easier.

It promotes faster weight loss after birth, stimulates the uterus to contract and return to its normal size, reduces postpartum bleeding, and provides an environment in which there are less urinary tract infections and less chance of anemia.

WIC Moms and Breastfeeding

WIC Moms need to know certain things about breastfeeding. The WIC Program encourages breastfeeding as the preferred method of feeding children. In addition, the following should be considered: 
WIC is a supplemental program and will not cover the cost of all of your formula. You will have some costs of your own. Breastfeeding, however, is a supply that will not run out. Peer Counseling Program Personal breastfeeding support is available to all interested women through Southern Seven Health Department’s WIC-sponsored peer counselor program.Contact us today for more information.

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