Private Sewage & Water Supply Program

In a rural area such as the southern seven counties, many homes and businesses do not have access to municipal or city water and sewage disposal systems. Our sewage and water programs assure that sewage and water systems are designed according to code so that neither your health nor the environment is jeopardized.

Sewage Drain

Private Sewage Disposal Program

Through the private sewage disposal program, our Environmental Health staff inspect pumper trucks, review sewage system applications, issue septic permits, offer guidance when designing a sewage disposal system, and inspect new sewage disposal systems. When the public registers a complaint regarding sewage disposal, it is our responsibility to not only conduct an investigation, but carry out any enforcement activities which are warranted based upon county ordinances.

Water Supply Program

In the private water supply system program, our Environmental Health staff conduct new water supply inspections in accordance with the Illinois Water Well Construction Code, the Illinois Pump Installation Code, and the Illinois Drinking Water Systems Code. This is accomplished through the inspection of the system and collection of a water sample which is sent in to the state health department lab for laboratory analysis and interpretation of the results. Our trained staff also inspect and collect water supply samples for analysis from non-community and existing private water supply wells.

Planning to drill a well for your new home or business?
It is important that you contact the Environmental Health staff to apply for a water well permit. Our staff will also conduct an inspection of your well once it is completed. As with some of our other programs, our office is also responsible for carrying out enforcement activities in regard to non-community water supplies.

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